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Spring 2002

  • "First Daughter Returns" by Donnie Nichols
  • "Marauder" by Michael Samerdyke
  • "The Monsters Come Out at Night" by Mark Fewell
  • "Circle of Forever" by Lyn McConchie
  • "A Taste for Chocolate" by Adam Perrone
  • "The Weeping Woman" by David Lee Summers
  • "A Lesson on Suffering" by Barbara A. Custer
  • "An Abstract of Studies Pertaining to Desmodus Giantus the Greater Vampire Bat" by Gordon A. Graves
  • "The Wait" by Brian Mazur
  • "Dial 1-800-Vampire" by Kiel Stuart
  • "Final Sunrise" by Jacquie Groom
  • Interview with Jean Lorrah
  • "Vampires in Print" by Catherine B. Krusberg [book reviews]

Verse by Larry Blazek, Donnie Nichols, and Denyse Bridger

Cover and calligraphy by Dawn M. Callahan

Illustrations by Donnie Nichols, Elizabeth Pierce, Sarah J. Haskins, and Larry Blazek

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