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  • Jeppe Kühn Laugesen:

    Apparently amazon is out of stock: Dracula the vampire and the critics, are there any other ways of getting this book. It is also very expensive for a poor student, so i was wondering if there was any chapters from it published for free that you know of.

    I am looking forward to reading your work and writing a paper on the subject of the undead.

    Best regards, Jeppe from The University of Southern Denmark.

    • Sorry to take so long to see your message. UMI Research Press supposedly continues to sell it through print on demand. However, I can’t find a page for them through a Google search. The POD edition is very expensive, anyway (don’t ask me why, given today’s POD technology). The best idea I can offer is to request it through interlibrary loan.


  • monica kent:

    As I was researching my favorite filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock I cam across your page and absolutely loved it! Isn’t it so cool how Hitchcock makes a cameo in every film?

    As a thank you for feeding my horror film addiction, I wanted to share with you another link I love and think people on your site would enjoy.

    I think this article would be a great addition to your already great page!

    Thanks again for making such a cool site!

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