My essay about Varieties of Vampires on the Writer’s Exchange E-Publishing blog.

Screwtape in Election Year: Inspired by C. S. Lewis’s THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, some nonpartisan thoughts on the current political climate (2020).

Flour Power, by Leslie Roy Carter: A stand-alone story in the “Wild Sorceress” universe.

Read a Good Story, Do a Good Deed: For a nominal cost, download great stories by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Jean Lorrah, et al, unavailable elsewhere, with all proceeds donated to people in need of short-term help.

Hard Shell Word Factory Cookbook
FREE COOKBOOK! The Hard Shell Word Factory authors compiled a cookbook of favorite recipes, with cooking tips and commentary by the authors. Also includes excerpts from our books. The book purchase links are obsolete, but the recipes are still good! E-mail me at:

Lust, Love, and the Literary Vampire
My vampire essay in Strange Horizons.

“Taming the Beast—or Not”: My essay on Hannibal Lecter and THE VAMPIRE TAPESTRY in STRANGE HORIZONS.

“The Turtle Can’t Help Us”: My essay in STRANGE HORIZONS on Lovecraftian themes in Stephen King’s IT.

Different Blood: The Vampire as Alien Fiction Bibliography

BenBella Books: Seven Seasons of Buffy
An exploration of alternate realities in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe.

Humor: A group therapy session for vampires: Support Group

Fantasy short story Cold Magic: An inexperienced young sorceress risks a dangerous magical artifact to free her realm from a usurper.

Darkover Fan Fiction: Shadow Thief

Darkover Fan Fiction: Raider in the Snow