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Right before his death, Paula’’s husband warned her not to publish his latest horror novel. She appeals to Doug, his agent and their best friend, for help when an obsessive fan keeps telling her the stories in the previous books are based on fact and she is in danger. Doug insists they should publish the book, but she’’s determined to obey her husband’’s dying wish.
When they investigate the labyrinth at the heart of the story, they cross over into another realm of magic and monsters. The experience, though horrifying, triggers their long-suppressed mutual attraction. Is it lust or love——the product of an alien carnal force or of their own desire too long denied?

An anthology of new stories in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s world of Darkover, including Margaret’s “Hidden Gifts”. The nedestra daughter of an aristocratic family gets kidnapped along with her mistress’s baby and, in her desperation, plumbs the depths of her own latent psi powers.


Erotic paranormal romance novella “Bear Hugs” now in trade paperback in URSA MAJOR (with “Alpha Mountie” by Lena Loneson). Terri is whisked from the Renaissance Faire to an enchanted house in the woods where no house could be, inhabited by a bear shapeshifter under a curse.