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A man and woman who shun human contact discover they are meant for each other, when Tabitha turns to her mountaintop neighbor, Kenji, for help in finding her runaway sister.

Tabitha hides away from the world to escape the pain of other people’s emotions invading her mind. Kenji lives alone in a mountain cabin because he fears his untamed shape-shifting power. He is half kitsune—part man and part fox.

Only by sharing the secrets of their wild talents can these two lonely people unite and become whole.

Tentacles of Love by Margaret L. Carter

Lauren wonders why her fiancé Blake won’t undress completely in front of her or consummate their sex play. Does his reticence have something to do with his family’s eccentric customs and pagan rituals?

Before the wedding, when Blake takes Lauren to visit the family beach house where he plans for the two of them to spend their honeymoon, her questions are answered. First, he introduces her to his twin brother, who lives in a boarded-up attic room…for a very good reason. Then Blake finally takes his shorts off and their lovemaking expands to a whole new dimension.

Sequel to the critically acclaimed Wild Sorceress and Besieged Adept.

Co-authored with Leslie Roy Carter

In the climactic sequel to Wild Sorceress and Besieged Adept, sorceresses Aetria and Coleni discover that both their own births and the history of their world have been manipulated in secret by an ancient, powerful race of dragons. Some, like Aetria’s “imaginary” childhood friend Rajii, have benevolent intentions toward humanity, while others want to restore the people of the Domains to total slavery. All, however, have their own agendas with human beings and mortal magic as pawns.

Emerging from their long-lost mother’s hidden home in the deserted Non-Lands, Aetria and Coleni find themselves targeted by assassins under control of the dragons. While the sisters’ powers continue to grow, so do the magical gifts of Coleni’s baby daughter, but will their magic provide adequate protection?

Meanwhile, still viewed with suspicion for their “wild sorcery,” they can’t convince most of their rivals and allies, including Aetria’s old mentor and the commanding general of the army, that the dragons and the danger they pose are real. Even Aetria’s lover Val shows some doubts. To protect her people, must Aetria challenge the whole Council of Magi and claim a leadership role she never wanted? And should she trust the two mysterious voices speaking in her head?