Erin’s father abandoned the family when she was a baby, leaving her his heritage of lycanthropy. As a werewolf, she tries to live as much like an ordinary woman as possible. One night Raoul, her father’s foster brother, now estranged from the pack just as her father was, confronts her with shocking news—her father has been murdered by the new alpha male of the pack.

Raoul urges Erin to help him find an amulet whose power awakens only for wolves of the alpha bloodline. The welfare of the pack demands that Erin activate the amulet to drive out the usurper who killed her father. She wants nothing to do with werewolf society, but Raoul offers an incentive—the pack leader has a secret hoard of a potion that can suppress the change from human to beast. But the only safe way to infiltrate the pack is for Erin to pose as Raoul’s bonded mate.

The fiery attraction between them threatens to lure Erin into a life she never wanted. Her craving for Raoul forces her to reassess her deep-seated feelings about her beast nature. If she wants Raoul for her true mate, must she embrace her role as her father’s heir, too?