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Roseanne thought she’d lost her fiancé, Tim, forever when he died in a car crash. Wanting to leave her something of himself, he arranged to have a diamond ring made from his ashes. Now Tim haunts the ring.

Tim’s spirit gains power from the passion he finds while wrapped in Roseanne’s arms. The more they make love, the stronger he becomes. But it does not last and Roseanne fears losing their love once more.

Tim has returned from beyond death to claim his beloved — even if he has to fight his own brother for her.

Three hot paranormal romance novellas by Margaret L.Carter, Sally Painter, and Shelley Munro, including Margaret’s erotic vampire romance “Tall, Dark, and Deadly.” When writer Eloise Kern persuades horror actor Claude Darvell to produce and star in her script of VARNEY THE VAMPYRE, she doesn’t suspect he’s a real vampire until an old rival of his appears on the scene to threaten them both. An installment in the “Vanishing Breed” series.

A phantom lover might be just what Marie needs. After a year and a half of widowhood, she’s ready to move on with her life. She’s also looking for ways to increase the profits of her struggling bed-and-breakfast.

Gordon MacBain, the lusty ghost of a Revolutionary War smuggler turned gentleman landowner, atones for his youthful transgressions by lavishing erotic pleasure on women who sleep in the room he haunts. But his night of passion with Marie surpasses all others, leaving them both yearning for more…

One problem — Gordon is trapped with his wife’s ghost in the room where she killed him.