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Daymares from the Crypt cover
Vampires and other creatures of the night haunt this collection of verses by an author of horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance. Originally published as a chapbook in 1981, Daymares from the Crypt appears in electronic form for the first time, with three additional poems.

Locked in the witch’s tower from childhood, Rapunzel has never touched a man until the enigmatic, ravishing Alaric materializes out of the night. He takes her lifeblood-but gives her heartrending ecstasy in return. Now they must defy the odds and escape Rapunzel’s tower… together.

The Vampire in Literature: A Critical Bibliography (Studies in Speculative Fiction, No 21)

From Book News, Inc.: Comprehensive bibliography (1000+ items) is preceded by three critical essays, two by the editor and one by Devendra P. Varma, a scholar of Dracula and vampirism. A timely release considering the upsurge of interest in this field, and well done. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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