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Guardian Spirit featured in Unravelings

When a young girl invokes the power of a family heirloom, she never expects real magic. To her surprise, her rage awakens a force she can’t control.




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(Silhouette Intimate Moments 1355)

Linnet can’t convince the police that her sister and her sister’s lover were murdered by the strange woman whose blood cult the two young people belonged to. So she decides to investigate on her own. She becomes entangled with Max, the murdered boy’s brother. Little does she suspect that the woman they’re pursuing is a real vampire, and so is Max. Can Linnet and Max find love across the barrier between their two species?

When her village offers Rowena as a sacrifice to the dragon who terrorizes the countryside, she expects a quick death. Instead, the dragon claims her for his mate and her adventure begins.

But she disobeys him, yielding to her longing to see her family once more, and disaster strikes.

Rowena and her dragon must fight for their very lives.